How To Double Knit Multicolored Textured Stitches

The key to this technique is knowing how to double knit. Many reference books include information on the topic.

Each double knitted 'block' is a little, empty, 'pillow.' There are no floats between the two layers of fabric. There are no floats anywhere on the garment shown on the Intro page. Some of the knitters who have seen the sweater cannot understand that it is NOT double layered Fair Isle.

To make a swatch for the 3 x 2 ribbing

Notes for Double Knit Rib:

After you try a swatch of 3 x 2 ribbing, go back to the Collar page and take another look at the basketweave pattern. Once you knit the 3 x 2 ribbing swatch, you should be able to double knit basketweave or any other, textured, pattern.

Last Row of Single Thickness Fabric

First Row of Double Knitting in Progress

First Row of Double Knitting - reverse side

Rows 1 - 4

Rows 1 - 8

Miscellaneous Notes

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