Double Knitted Collar in Basketweave Pattern

Memory Threads

Memories are often knitted into projects. The body of this sweater was knitted while my husband and I house-hunted and memories of the drive from the 'far' side of San Francisco to the East Bay are knitted into the mohair portion of this garment. The trips took approximately an hour each way and provided an ideal time to knit. My husband did all the driving but didn't mind because he wanted the finished sweater. In fact, his rallying cry was: "Aren't you done yet?"

I knitted the collar while sitting with a friend who was hospitalized after major surgery. I remember the many times she woke from the post-surgery, morphine haze and checked on the progress of my knitting. It seemed to give her some satisfaction to see, by the fact that the collar was growing, that time was indeed passing and that she would, eventually, recover and be discharged.

When I look at the image on this page, memories of the hours spent knitting quietly on the seventh floor of UC Med Center are as clear as a bell. I also remember taking this project to Berkeley's Crochet and Knit Guild. But for the life of me, I cannot figure out when I finished it! My friend reminds me that she went into surgery on April Fools' Day of 1993, but that is the best I can date the project.

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