Entrelac at a Different Angle

Pattern for Vest

Here's the schematic for my vest. You can see how it changed slightly as the garment was in progress. After the initial 'try on,' I decided the armholes were too deep and raised them by adding 'blocks.' Later, I decided that I needed to cut out a bit at the back neckline and removed some partial 'blocks' from the pattern.

You are welcome to try knitting this vest. Unless you are built like a 'little teapot,' plan on changing the proportions a bit. If you want to have a specific progression of colors and 'meet' in the center front, you will need to plan ahead with gauge.

An easy way to cope with the unknown gauge is to make your vest in two colors, (Use one color for the 'purple blocks' and another color for the 'white blocks.') Once you have a dozen blocks knitted, take gauge measurements and create your own schematic.

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