Simple Triangular Scarf in Moss Stitch

One of the simplest ways to make a scarf or shawl is to pick a simple stitch pattern that doesn't curl. Cast on one or two stiches for the first row, then increase by one stitch at either the beginning or end of every row. (Do what is easier for you to remember.) Keep going until you reach the desired size (or almost run out of yarn). To finish, bind off at a not-too-tight gauge.

The image shows the beginnig point of just such a scarf. It was knitted in a silk-wrapped/wool-core yarn from La Lana, which they dyed with logwood.

This same concept can be used with a "fuzzy" yarn at a much looser gauge for a very different look. If you are unsure what size needle to use, check the band on the skein to see what is recommended. In this case, I wanted a dense, "winter" scarf, so opted for a gauge that was relatively tight but still allowed a fluid drape due to the silk.

By the way, if you call this stitch "Rice" instead of "Moss" - good for you!

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