Westminster, Colorado, USA

Dear Editor (The Westminster Window):

These are the plagues that the city of Westminster wants to inflict on its citizens, and it is recklessly pursuing this agenda in an exceedingly incompetent way. In three letters from the City Manager to me, no proof was cited that the risks increased by this fad would be justified by the risk reduction from slowing down neighborhood speeders.

Westminster is dishonestly disenfranchising the vast majority of citizens who are having their risk increased without their knowledge or consent. In my neighborhood alone, over four times as many who are having their emergency services compromised had no vote in the matter, compared to the select privileged voters living adjacent to the new speed bumps. Over a dozen Westminster neighborhoods had these dishonestly biased elections last month. Did you get a vote? If not, vote against all incumbents in the Westminster elections this coming November. The money wasted on speed bumps this summer probably could have kept all the pools open with highly paid lifeguards.

Very sincerely,

Robert Patlovany
Colorado Professional Engineer 29977
September 12, 1999