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Air pollution increased by speed humps due to acceleration/deceleration

Fuel consumption increased by speed humps

Automotive problems associated with humps

How different vehicles take the humps

Diverting Traffic

Various Articles from The Electronic Telegraph

To see the complete articles, go to the "SEARCH" page, type "HUMP" in the box and click on "FIND." You'll need to register with the Electronic Telegraph, one time, before being allow access to their archives. The registration process starts as you begin your search and is fast/easy.
[See also: ET article on buses referenced on RADA/Access.]

Legal & Ethical Questions

Noise increased by speed humps

Property Values

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"Spiking" automobiles

Local Protests

Residents grump over speed bumps, The Orlando Sentinel, Jon Steinman, August 07, 2000
"Some people hate the Lake Price speed bumps so much that they`ve taken to honking their horns in disgust whenever passing over one of them, something Lake Price residents claim was dreamed up by nearby homeowners` associations to shatter the neighborhood`s quiet."

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