Road Access for Disabled Americans

Excerpt from a letter available from the Department of Justice
(DOJ website / FOIA pages)

August 4, 1992

... At this time I can not go out of the complex without getting in and out of the car, and walking across the speed bumps. My back and neck are just too fragile to cross over the bumps. I have letters from two different neurosurgeons stating that any sudden jar or bump could cause more damage, with more surgery and long term problems with my back and neck. There is no way that I can drive my car in and out. If my family should have an emergency and I would need to drive my car I would not be able to do so. According to the disability act you are not in compliance with the law.

... I feel that I am being discriminated (against) by not being able to have access to my own home.

I have had to spend over $10,000 in doctor and hospital bill, because of the bumps. I am still under the care of a neurosurgeon, because of this problem.

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