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The following quotes are from the material on the Disability Now website. DN is the UK's leading disability publication, having been around the longest with the widest circulation. It's a newspaper for everyone with an interest in disability. For more information, visit DN's website or write to: DisabilityNOW, 6 Market Road, London N7 9PW (UK).


"Unless one is lying flat, the jolting to the spine whilst the car goes over these humps can cause increased pain lasting several weeks, and even physical damage. They should be banned."
- October 1997 - - (To FIND the quote, SEARCH for "Ann".)

SPEED BUMP TRAUMA - Letter to the Editor in response to "Growing Pains"

"Having spinal arthritis, I heartily endorse Ann Hewlett's complaints (DN October) about the jarring and damage caused by speed bumps. Many are unnecessarily vicious and crossing them even at minimal speeds can generate long-lasting pain."
- January 1998

HAS ANYONE THOUGHT OF THE PAIN...? - Letter to the Editor

"I'm a volunteer driver for a couple of disabled charities and I find that many disabled people suffer real pain or extreme discomfort when bounced over those damned road humps. Has anyone thought of the pain they suffer because of these things? Or should I say, does anyone care?"
- August 1997


"...road humps ensure an area becomes an exclusion zone."
- April 1997

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