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Testimony to pain suffered when riding in a car that is jostled by speed humps


This is testimony to pain suffered when riding in a car that is jostled by speed humps and streets in disrepair. For about two months I have been suffering from pain in my neck. On a recent trip in our car with my husband driving I experienced severe pain every time my head was jostled by breaking necessary to avoid hitting a crack or an uneven surface in the street. The breaking and acceleration to cross speed humps in front of our post office had the same effect but for a longer period of time to cross the 12-foot span. At each crossing I had to hold my head with both hands to try to keep it stable because every little movement caused severe pain. If I were driving which I often do, holding my head would not be possible.

I can understand that streets will not be completely smooth due to stress from traffic, heat and other causes and that repair takes time. What I cannot understand is why a city government would deliberately place something on a street that would cause increasing pain to those who suffer already. This is planned abuse of the disabled. The very people who subscribe to this kind of abuse decry abuse of children or a spouse. Maybe because they have never suffered from pain, they don't understand. Or maybe they care only about what they see as their own needs whatever they may be, factual or otherwise.

Most of all, I can now understand without a doubt the anguish of those who must live with pain throughout their lives and who feel abandoned by those who, while professing compassion and care, deliberately foster pain among those who suffer already. Those who with extreme effort try to live as normal a life as possible should not be further penalized by an uncaring bureaucracy under the guise of an unproven claim of safety.

Amy Muhs
Houston, Texas

October 24, 1999

© Amy Muhs 1999

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