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Speed humps bad

I would like to suggest that no fewer than six speed humps be installed on the streets that lead to the mayor's house.

City Council members and the city manager should also be exposed to the inconvenience of traveling every day over six nerve-wracking, spine-tin-gling, time-consuming, bottom-kick-ing, vehicular-eating, poorly conceived, budget-wasting, miniature asphalt ski jumps from hell.

That the Austin Fire Department disapproves of Woodland's humps is a godsend. The Fire Department is probably only the tip of the iceberg of discontent. How are trauma victims in EMS vehicles going to fare? Will there be a special EMS protocol for traversing Travis Heights? Woodland is, in fact, like West Mary the street I live on.

Both roads are well-used roads, providing quick efficient access to Congress Avenue and 1-35. The use of West Mary and Woodland no longer provides convenient access to I-35 for residents on both sides of Congress Ave.

Best regards,

Rick Hall
Homer Cabello

Thursday August 10, 1995

© Rick Hall & Homer Cabello 1995

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