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Training Memo

To:    Chief Thomas

From:  Capt. Wassick [illegible signature]

Date:  May 5, 1998

Re:    Steven's Ave.

As per your request I ran some tests on the Steven's Ave speed tables on Manday May 27th at 1300 hours. I used Engine 3 and Medcu 4 as the apparatus and used the table on Steven's near New St. The weather was fair, road dry and traffic was normal during the period.

I instructed the drivers of each apparatus to approach the tables as they normally would at what they felt was their ordinary speed. Each apparatus then ran 3 progressively faster tests until they felt they were at an uncomfortable speed.

Medcu 4     15   20   27   32
Engine 3    12   18   20   25-28

I have talked to many of the drivers of both the engine and the ambulance and they all said that the tables vary and that some are worse than others. The one that I used at New St. is probably one of the "smoothest" and the one in front of Longfellow and the one in front of Deering are probably the "harshest". This is by no means a scientific test and should be used only as general information.

Engine 3 drivers stated that they average between 12 - 15 mph when they travel over them and Medcu drivers stated somewhere between 15 - 20 mph for their travel speeds. They all said that once you get much over 20 mph that it was too rough on both the equipment and the personnel.

The video shows the 4 trials run at the above speeds in order. If you have any other questions feel free to call.


ENGINE THREE   180 inch wheelbase
               Overall vehicle length = 31 feet 7 inches
               Road clearance = 10 5/8 inches

MEDCU FOUR     158 inch wheelbase

Source: City of Portland, Stevens Avenue Traffic Calming Report, Final Monitoring Report, May 1998

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