Road Access for Disabled Americans

Just my opinion


There must be a moratorium on all speed humps until and at which time the cities can fully evaluate how their decisions are affecting the disabled community. In order to do this they need to appoint a disabled representative to the Traffic Advisory board of their city.

Cities must utilize their disabled citizens and ask for input on any decision that may affect their ability to "travel" in and around their cities.

Speed humps should never be installed on any street where residents have no other option of going or returning to their homes. They should never be installed at the detriment of others.

Just because there may not be any physically disabled individuals living on a street at the time, does not preclude anyone from becoming so in the future or of any disabled person wanting to visit someone on those streets.

Susan Linn
Disabled resident, Santee
May 17, 2000

Susan Linn and Lisa Carroll with sign saying - SPEEDING?
 Law Enforcement = Safe Streets for All

Disabled Santee residents, family members and friends

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