Road Access for Disabled Americans

To Whom it may concern:

Susan Linn with another disabled Santee resident

I am writing this letter to voice my concerns over proposed speed bumps on Medina. My residence is on Pebble Beach Dr. and my only exit without speed bumps is on Medina. While working as a Firefighter/Paramedic for the City of El Cajon I sustained several injuries which forced me to retire. I am currently disabled with injuries to my neck and my lower back. Constant pain follows me 24 hrs. a day and these speed bumps aggravate it greatly. One of the City's concerns should be for the disabled in the community. The only way I can manage the speed bumps is to slow my speed to a crawl. Traffic congestion and frustration for the people trapped behind me is the result. This frustration gets taken out on me with hand gestures and insults. Promoting road rage is not my intention or wish. Finally, some people will speed around me on the left, (so much for speed control or increased safety). Also, the speed bumps do not control the people who are actually speeding. These speeders actually go faster to reduce the effect of the speed bump.

As an acting Engineer for the City of El Cajon Fire Dept. before my retirement I am familiar with speed bumps and emergency response vehicles. They do slow down response times unless you want to damage your equipment, vehicle, and personnel. Speed bumps throw everything and everybody around unless you take them slowly. Then there is the emergency transportation of the sick and injured to think of. As a Firefighter/Paramedic for 15 years I know how hard it is to provide adequate care in a moving vehicle. Speed bumps make it almost impossible to do this. The ambulance either has to stop or treatment has to be postponed until after them. Watching a patient in pain getting bumped around in the back of the ambulance because of speed bumps is gut wrenching. Imagine having a broken back or neck and on top of that a bumpy ride to the hospital !

Please take the time to consider better options than speed bumps. They don't work here or anywhere else in the country.


Thomas Kistler
Santee, California
March 2000

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